Please read the following reminders and recommendations to help make the start of camp is a little easier for you and your child. Download a printable version of these reminders.

  • Children attending an all day camp, or separate morning and afternoon sessions that make up a full day need to bring a packed lunch. We will not have room to refrigerate so please use a cool pack or plan accordingly. Please do not pack a lunch that requires microwaving to heat. We will provide the children with drinks throughout the day; however, children are more than welcome to bring their own. All campers should bring a water bottle.
  • If your child is attending both a morning and an afternoon session, a staff member or members will attend to them for the hour between sessions. They will have lunch with other campers and play games until the beginning of their afternoon session.
  • If your child is attending an outdoor or sports camp, please bring them to camp with waterproof sunscreen and bug repellent already applied.
  • Your child should bring rain gear and outdoor shoes every day. Summer weather is quite unpredictable, so it is best to be prepared. On the day that the Adventure Friends program uses canoes (which you will be notified of on the Monday of camp), we recommend you pack a change of clothes, shoes that can get wet, and a towel along with an extra bag for wet clothing, just in case.
  • Sports camps will move to the gym in case of severe weather, however we will try to stay outside as much as possible. Light rain gear on days where inclement weather is expected is recommended.
  • Campers attending Summer Friends should bring a water bottle, bathing suit, and towel every day. Though the children will not be swimming, they will have time on hot days to play in the sprinkler, or use the slip-n-slide.
  • Camp drop off is at 8:30 a.m. and pick up is at 3:00 p.m. for full day. Please do not drop your child off early as there may not be a staff member or members present. Please make sure your child arrives promptly, we will begin activities at 9:00. We allow a ten minute grace period for pick up. There is no surround care available this year due to the pandemic, so children must be picked up promptly. We must be notified in writing if anyone other than yourself or your child’s emergency contact is picking them up (carpool arrangements, etc.).
  • Any toys, games, books etc. that your child brings along to camp should be labeled to prevent confusion and lost items. We cannot be held responsible for these items.
  • All medical forms for children MUST be turned in prior to the start of camp. If your child is already an FA student, medical information is already on file. Please contact me immediately if you need medical forms.
  • All fees must be paid prior to your child’s start at camp. All payments can be sent or brought to the Friends Academy Business Office. Please make checks payable to “Friends Academy Summer Programs”