Thank you for your interest in Friends Academy Summer Programs!

girl running through sprinkler at Friends Academy summer campWhether your child is a student at Friends Academy or attends school elsewhere, there are many reasons for kids to spend some time with us this summer. Two of the most compelling are the quality of our programs and the safe, family friendly environment that we promote.

We make this happen in a few ways:

  • Our counselors are highly trained. Most are teachers in their fields.
  • They are energetic and fun loving: this is evident in the experiences they help create for campers.
  • We have a low camper to staff ratio. Counselors get to know campers better, so they can better meet their individual needs.
  • Our programs are designed with specific ages in mind. They cater to the developmental needs of each age group.
  • We keep campers busy with plenty of structure, but allow them opportunities and some choice in their day.

We hope to see you this summer!

Friends Academy Mission

Our philosophy for our summer programs reflects the Friends Academy mission:

The mission of Friends Academy is to provide each student with an educational foundation that will instill the academic knowledge, skills, and understanding; responsible citizenship; respect for diversity and differences; and sense of well­being needed for a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

  • academic knowledge, skills, and understanding include the areas of English, mathematics, natural and social sciences, world languages, and the arts and the skills of reading, reasoning, computing, investigating, writing, speaking, problem­solving; and creating;
  • responsible citizenship includes honesty, commitment, and respect for others, the environment, and the community;
  • respect for diversity and differences involves building a community and creating programs and curriculum that are attentive to issues of learning, race, ethnicity, family configuration, sexual orientation, gender, religion, and economic status; and
  • a sense of well­being is nurtured through the development of self­esteem, self­confidence, and healthy social interactions.
  • achieving academic excellence by challenging students at an appropriate level;
  • nurturing development within a school community environment;
  • stimulating curiosity and desire to learn;
  • offering a wide range of individual and collaborative learning activities;
  • providing opportunities for service to others; and
  • working in partnership with parents.

Accomplishing the mission of Friends Academy is the shared responsibility of the whole school community. For that reason Friends expects of all students, teachers, staff, trustees and parents a dedication to academic excellence, a willingness to work energetically and cooperatively toward common goals in all activities, a respect both of themselves and for the individual differences of others, and a determination to reach beyond merely comfortable limits of knowledge and experience.


How do I register?

You can register on our online registration portal.

Does my child need to be a Friends Academy student in order to attend a summer program?

No! Friends Academy Summer Programs are open to all children.

Can I visit the camp or school before I register?

Due to the pandemic, we are not allowing anyone except students and staff on campus at this time. We can set up a virtual tour if you would like.

Can I contact the school for other questions?

Yes, call us at (508) 999-1356 or email Charley Pelissier, our camp director.

Will my child need a lunch?

Yes. We do not have a cafeteria, so if your child is in an all day camp, or both a morning and afternoon camp, they will need a lunch. However, all meals are provided on our expedition programs.

What should my child bring to camp?
  • All campers should bring a water bottle to camp.
  • If they will be outside (most camps spend some time outside each day) they should have sunscreen with them, and applied prior to arriving.
  • Campers attending the adventure programs should come with insect repellent applied.

For more information about supplies, see our list of parent reminders.

What are the hours of camp?

Camp runs from 8:30am-3:00pm. Some camps run in the morning from 8:30-12:00, and can be paired with an afternoon camp (generally 1:00-3:00) to make a complete day.

Is there before and after care?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, before and after care will not be available in summer 2021. This is to prevent the mixing of individuals from various groups on campus.

My child is in a morning camp and an afternoon camp. Where do they go for the hour in between?

Campers attending both morning and afternoon camps will be supervised by camp staff and administrators during lunch and recess. Staff will bring campers to their afternoon programs, or their counselors will pick them up from the recess locations.