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April Update: Friends Academy Summer Programs are still planning to run as scheduled at this time. If we have to cancel any programs to comply with state/CDC guidelines as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will offer all families a full refund.


Grades 3–8 | Afternoons 1–3 June 29-July 2

This fun camp will offer a variety of sports throughout the week with Ms. Furtado. You’ll play basketball, wiffle ball, soccer, and pillow polo. There will be a few other surprise sports as well, but you will need to join to find what they are. We will focus on the skills of each sport in fun games and activities and then play full on games at the end of each day.

Cost: $110/week


Grades 3–8 | Afternoons 1–3 July 6-10

The Friends Academy outdoor games clinic offers boys and girls entering grades 3 through 8 an opportunity to enjoy some of the most popular outdoor activities. From Capture the Flag to Kick Ball to Kick the Can, the Outdoor Games Clinic utilizes the entire 65-acre campus, which includes three full playing fields, wooded trails, and more. Instructed by Megan, Mr. Dorsey and friends.

Cost: $130/week


Grades 5-8 | Afternoons 1–3 July 6-10

If you find yourself running out the door in the morning, running across the lawn, running to a friend’s house, or even running to class, or if you just plain can’t stop running, then this is the place for you! Whether you are an experienced runner, or want to learn more about Cross Country and Track and Field, we would love to have you join. In this camp we will, you guessed it, RUN! But we will also talk about proper running form, how to warm up, stretch, and cool down before and after races, how to take care of yourself as a runner, and play lots of running games! This is a great way to prepare for the upcoming Cross Country season, or just to explore the sport.

Cost: $140/week


Full Day: Ages 8–18 | 9–3 July 6-10
Half Day: Ages 6–16 | Mornings 9–12 July 6-10

We are partnering with Challenger Sports again this year to bring you top-level coaches and an amazing soccer curriculum. The early mastery of core technical skills is one of the most important elements in the development of youth soccer players. The more time the players spend in contact with the ball as they learn and develop core skills, the quicker they will master them and the better they will be at executing them in their games.

Challenger Sports has amazing coaches (with awesome accents!) who run innovative practices that will achieve these goals, all with a unique cultural twist. It all combines for a one-of-a-kind camp experience! You can register for this camp through Friends Academy or at challengersports.com. In addition to the FA Camp t-shirt, all participants will receive a free soccer ball, a challenger camp t-shirt, and (if you register online with Challenger Sports 45 days prior to the start of camp) a Challenger Sports International Soccer Jersey.

Cost: Full Day $285/week | Half Day $205/week


Grades 2-6 | Afternoons 1–3 July 13-17

This program is geared toward beginners, providing an introduction to Martial Arts. It is designed to combine Karate with fun character building activities. Each day begins with fitness and martial arts training, and finishes with a variety of super fun, karate oriented activities like capture the obi, crab soccer, and team building games! The campers will also design and personalize their own Martial Arts journal. This camp is perfect for ages 7 and up and is a great way to introduce your child to martial arts, provide daily fitness, and have lots of fun.

Cost: $130/week


Ages 10–14 | Mornings 9–12 July 20-24

Do something extraordinary with instructors from the Rhode Island Fencing Academy! Fencing is a fun, safe sport that hones mind and body through a disciplined blend of determination, skill and competitiveness. Summer camp beginners develop a solid foundation of skills, while experienced fencers greatly improve performance. Using a wide range of bouting and fencing-specific games and drills, this program for children develops coordination, concentration, self-esteem and etiquette. By conquering physical and mental challenges, students will grow in confidence and technical proficiency. Many past RIFAC summer camp participants have gone on to win regional and national medals; others occupy top positions in the US Youth standings. Don’t miss out on this unique learning experience.

Cost: $220/week


Grades 1–4 | Afternoons 1–3 August 3-7

This clinic will be taught by Mrs. Gangi, well-loved Friends teacher, and experienced coach. It will offer an opportunity to build skills and enjoy the game of basketball. A dual emphasis is placed on instilling a love of the game of basketball and appropriately engaging their competitive spirit.

Cost: $130/week


Grades 4–8 | Afternoons 1–3 August 3-7

Our archery program offers children a unique opportunity to experience the joy of shooting a bow as well as learning about different disciplines of the sport. Each day we will start off with a focus on range rules, safety commands and developing proper form, correct muscle memory, confidence and enhanced concentration. We will also review the types of bows and other archery equipment used for this sport. Scoring techniques will be taught and the children will have the opportunity to shoot at fun targets such as balloons and watermelons. We will also discuss ethical hunting practices and wildlife management. Our instructor is a Level One certified archery instructor.

Cost: $150/week