Grades 4–8 | Mornings 9–12 July 8-12

Back by popular demand! You’ve seen them on TV, those cupcake shows where chefs bake amazing looking themed cupcakes that are then judged by other chefs. How would you like to try that out for yourselves, without the pressure of cranky judges? Join cupcake decorator extraordinaire, Lisa Barata, as she helps you create delicious and amazing, tasty and beautiful cupcakes. Birds, animals, monsters, insects and more; the limit to what you can create lies only in your imagination. The focus in this camp is on the decorating, primarily pre-packaged cake mixes will be used.

Cost: $160/week


Grades 4–8 | Afternoons 1-3 July 8-12

In this camp you will learn how to mould, bake, assemble, and decorate a gingerbread house. From cooking gingerbread to the finishing decorating touches, you’ll do it all. You know they’re not just for Christmas, right? You can make a house themed around any season or event that you would like.

Cost: $140/week



Grades 4-8 | Mornings 9:00-12:00 June 24-28

Do you dabble in baking? Are you curious how a recipe works? Do you think like a scientist? This camp is for you! We will explore some of the chemistry that baking involves, and maybe even experiment a little. Questions may include: Why are some cookies thick and chewy while others are thin and crisp? Can certain ingredients be omitted or rearranged? Does the cookie sheet matter? Campers will explore the art of baking through a scientific lens, and hopefully take home some treats to share.

Cost: 160/week


Grades 4-8 | Mornings 9:00-12:00 July 15-19

Jump into cooking with 5 days of delicious fun! Each day we will prepare a complete meal, including a One Pot dish, a Farm Fresh meal, and a Breakfast Bonanza (including a baked item!). We will finish the week off with a Fun and Fancy meal that is sure to impress your family and friends!”



Grades 4–8 | Mornings 9-12 July 16-20

Bake your own cakes from scratch and decorate them in amazing ways. The yummy cakes you learn how to make will leave everyone begging for more and you taking all of the credit! Walk away from this class with delicious sweets, great recipes, and new skills and techniques that will last you a lifetime! Join Ms. Foote-Crawford to have some fun and make some yum!

Cost: $160/week


Grades 5-9 | Mornings 9-12 July 29-August 2

Ms. Foote-Crawford takes the baking camp up a notch in this cake making camp. Over the course of the week you’ll make two different themed layer cakes. Want to bake a cake that looks like your house? How about your favorite hat? The possibilities are almost endless – let your imagination soar. You’ll bake, carve, and decorate these delicious masterpieces, and learn some advanced skills along the way.

Cost: $160/week