Grades 3–8 | Afternoons 12:30-3 June 24-28

Stop motion is a fun animation technique. In this course, we’ll learn how to use still photos to create short films. You’ll learn how to shoot and edit your photos in a timeline. We’ll add audio, voice-overs, transitions, and effects. By the end of this class, you’ll produce your first stop motion video.

Cost: $150/week

Grades 4–8 | Afternoons 1-3 July 8-19

This digital music class is not like any music class you’ve ever heard about. It’s more than using electronics to create music (which we will do). We’ll also be creating our own instruments- drawings that sing, 3D printed instruments, virtual instruments, and we’ll write programs that create music in real time. This is more than a music class. We’ll integrate art, technology, engineering, and programming to create never before seen instruments, and never before heard sounds.

Cost: $260/2 weeks


Grades 4–9 | Afternoons 1–3 July 22-26

Create 2D and 3D digital art with Inkscape. Create your own t-shirt design and t-shirt, your own cartoons, graphic art, video game sprites, logos, stickers, and your own 3D print using Inkscape, a vector art application. You’ll learn how to work with vector paths, draw shapes, add colors, patterns, and gradients to drawings; transform objects by scaling, rotating, shearing, and duplicating. You’ll learn other tips and tricks to make beautiful art, even if you’re not an artist.

Cost: $140/week


Grades 4–9 | Mornings 9–12 July 15-19

There are two types of photos: one simply to record your memories, an exact replica of a scene you want to remember; the other is a form of expression, where you aim to provoke the viewer’s senses – whether it be how vast and open a field of flowers can look, or the warmth and coziness a small cottage might have. Learn how to explore your world through photography. There are so many amazing subjects just waiting to be discovered through the lens of your camera or smartphone! Learn how to enhance or manipulate your photographs like the pros, using web-based editing software.

Cost: $160/week


Grades 4–8 | Afternoons 12:30–3:00 July 15-19

Using kits from Lego, students build their own robots and learn how to program them to react and interact with their environment and to perform certain tasks. The class will be structured with teacher-led instruction and then followed up with hands-on learning experiences. Programming and writing code is emphasized as students learn how to instruct the robots. Activities include Robot Races, Save the Pedestrians, Bug in a Box, Robot Golf, and a Robot Obstacle Course Challenge. Taught by Mr. Lobato.

Cost: $140/week


Grades 1-4 | Afternoons 1–3 July 1-5

This tech camp is all about all things Minecraft. Design and 3D print your own Minecraft figurine. Create Minecraft stickers using a vector art program, learn the fundamentals of programming in a Minecraft environment, and, of course, build 3D worlds using the education edition of Minecraft.

Cost: $140/week


Grades 6-9 | Mornings 9-12 July 29-August 2

If you have ever wanted to develop your own website, this is the camp for you. From layout and photo editing, to learning the language of the web (HTML and CSS), this course does it all.

Cost: $160/week


Grades 5–9 | Afternoons 1-3 July 29-August 2

Have you ever wanted to make your own movies? This 1-week camp will teach you the basics of video editing using iMovie. Bring ideas for a short movie or bring videos you’ve already shot. Perfect for beginning filmmakers.

Cost: $140/week