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Mornings 9–12 June 24-August 2

Through this six-week course, students are exposed to systematic, phonetically-based, multisensory instruction to facilitate decoding the English language. These techniques are scientifically proven to assist struggling learners to succeed with reading, writing, and spelling. The multisensory programs involve active participation in order to enhance learning and memory. To reinforce associations, these methods simultaneously engage the visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic senses. In addition to Orton-Gillingham instruction, students also receive support through the implementation of Read Naturally and Lexia, computer-based programs designed to target and enhance reading fluency, comprehension, and decoding. The course can be easily combined with any of the Friends afternoon offerings.

Cost: $2,300/6 weeks.

Multiple classes will be run to accommodate different grades and reading levels.


Mornings 9–12 June 24-August 2

The Summer Math and Writing Maintenance course is designed to specifically address the needs of middle school students with Language-Based Learning Differences and/or Dyscalculia. The highly structured and supportive environment of this class will allow students to review previously learned skills and frontload new strategies for math and writing prior to entering school in the fall.

Essential Math Skills

The math portion of the class offers each student an opportunity to re-examine and incorporate essential math skills needed to take on math in the upcoming school year. Informal diagnostic testing, weekly assessments, and daily warm-up exercises will be utilized to gauge individual student progress. Over the course of six weeks, students will have reviewed the following skill areas:

  • Basic operations, including PEMDAS (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction)
  • Conversion of fractions and decimals
  • Understanding percent notation and learning to express a part of a whole as a fraction or percent
  • Problem solving, including picture drawing strategies and understanding the language of word problems
  • Integers (Performing basic operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
  • Evaluating Variable Expressions (variables, expressions, equations)
  • Introduction to Solving One-Step Equations

Essential Writing Skills

The writing portion of class offers students an intensive, structured approach through which they can begin to develop expository writing skills.The two primary goals of this program are to raise the linguistic complexity of students’ sentences and to improve the organization of their compositions.  Another goal of the class is to provide systematic instruction in fundamental writing by utilizing differentiated strategies for individual students in the class. Specific areas of instruction will include the following topics:

  • Sentence expansion techniques
  • Summary writing
  • Essay responses
  • Thesis development (2 weeks)
  • Proofreading and editing skills

Cost: $2,300/6 weeks.


Grades 5-8 | Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 10-1 July 9 – August 1                                                                        Waitlist forming for Grades 3-4

Would your child benefit from building social skills this summer? This camp offers students an opportunity to build friendships and boost self esteem through the development of social skills. With engaging activities such as science experiments, cooking, and game play, students will learn and practice strategies to improve their self-talk, use empathy to connect with peers, and adopt a resilient attitude toward learning. Social Thinking language and topics will be reinforced throughout each session. Instructor: Kendal Martes, Speech-Language Pathologist

Cost: $480/4 weeks


Grades 3–8 | Mornings 9–12 June 24-July 5

In this two-week course, children will learn all aspects of the writing process, as well as the traits that make writing good using quality literature as examples. Children will learn in a workshop environment, while exploring memoirs, historical fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, poetry and more. Each student will have an opportunity to illustrate their work and celebrate with an Author’s Tea at the end of the session. Taught by Mrs. Ross-Cory.

Cost: $350/2 weeks


Grades 1–6 | Mornings 9–12 July 8-19

Math fans unite! Have you ever measured a room (or yourself) using toilet paper, explored geometric shapes using glow-sticks in a dark room, or given your favorite stuffed animal a ride on a zip line? In Hands-On Math topics such as probability, measurement, topography, game theory, and others are explored with fun, hands-on, and age-appropriate activities. Mr. Lobato takes things far beyond the pages of any textbook! The program is new and different every year, so even if you’ve come before there’s plenty of new and exciting surprises ahead.

Cost: $350/2 weeks


Grades 4–8 | Afternoons 1–3 July 8-12

In rocketry, we explore the various principles and science behind why and how rockets work through building our own rockets out of materials like styrofoam trays, soda bottles, and film canisters as well as with pre-packaged kits. The highlight of the week, though, comes at the end when students get to launch their rockets and send them hundreds of feet into the air.

Cost: $140/week


Grades 2-5 | Mornings 9-12 June 24-28

How tall a tower can you build? Can you build a strong bridge using just paper? In this design challenge camp you will find out! Participants will design and build things such as a table out of newspaper that will support a pile of books. Use your creativity, imagination, design and evaluation skills to create a new inventions and contraptions.  We will have fun doing what engineers do – solving problems using available materials.

Cost: $160/week


Grades 3-6 | Afternoons 1-3 June 24-28

Join us as we take physics learning to a whole new dimension with epic experiments and activities investigating motion, gravity, friction and other physical forces. Students in this camp will test Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion and discover the amazing world of physics with an awesome range of activities including building paper airplanes, building a Newton’s Cradle, creating roller coasters, and building ramps and jumps for Hot Wheels cars.  

Cost: $140/week


Grades 3-6 | Mornings 9-12 July 29-August 2

This camp is intended to give participants a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the varied ecosystems that Friends Academy campus has to offer. We’ll actively explore our surroundings and document what we discover in our nature journals. Through various hands-on activities you will discover new ways of making sense of the world around you.  

Cost: $140/week


Grades 1–3 | Afternoons 1–3 July 29-August 2

Explore the natural world at Friends Academy and discover nature all around you! Students will create art projects and science experiments that explore the function and parts of plants and insects found during our daily outings. Join Ms. Tammaro as we enjoy spending time observing and learning about the plants in the Friends garden and the insects around the garden. Bring your sun hat, bug spray, and sense of adventure!

Cost: $120/week


Grades 1–3 | Mornings 9–12 July 22-26

Is there an engineer hiding inside of you? Mr. Lobato will help you discover your inner-engineer.  In this camp session students will explore and construct simple machines. Students will work together to explore levers, pulleys, and inclined planes. We will identify simple machines at work in our immediate environment and create our own simple machines.  It is amazing what simple machines can do! After exploring examples of simple machines, students will let their imaginations run wild and design and build a toy car, among other things.

Cost: $160/week


Grades 1–3 | Afternoons 1–3 July 22-26

Join Mr. Lobato as we investigate different ways of taking flight.  We will explore the properties of air and air currents while constructing different types of kites, parachutes and paper airplanes. If it can fly through the air we will do it here!  Come ready to have fun, take risks, and learn new things through a variety of very active hands on activities.

Cost: $140/week


Grades 4-6 | Full Day 9-3 July 1-5

Want to immerse yourself into a new language and culture? If so, this camp is for you! Campers will explore the culture through music, media, dance, history, the cooking of traditional food,  and much more. Kids will use fun, hands on, interactive methods to learn and improve their Spanish speaking, reading, and writing.

Cost: $245.00/week


Grades 4-9 | Full Day 9-3* July 15-19

From molecules to microbes to mice and mammoths, this camp
 is a seriously fun study of all creatures great and small. Taught 
by Dr. Kathryn Kavanagh from UMass Dartmouth, girls will have their minds opened by intriguing animal studies, hands-on projects and artistic activities to reinforce concepts. Highlights including trapping small mammals, studying fossils, and extracting your own DNA! We’ll even get to visit some research labs in action at UMass Dartmouth and talk to the scientists about Their studies. Parents and friends are invited to a presentation on Friday afternoon where the girls will share their knowledge and projects from the week. *Noon dismissal on Friday – If students need to stay until 3:00, they may attend the Hang-Out Zone free of charge until 3:00.

Cost: $275/week


Grades 2-6 | Afternoons 1-3 July 29-August 2

This camp is for the sophisticated writer, or just one that wants to seem sophisticated! Research shows that SAT scores are slightly higher for students who wrote in cursive because the speed and efficiency of cursive writing allows for more focus on content, and because cursive writing makes an essay appear more polished. Additionally, the practice of writing in cursive has been shown to improve brain development in the areas of thinking, language, and memory, and to stimulate brain synapses encouraging more synchronicity between the left and right hemispheres. Also, it’s fun! If you have ever wanted to read or write in cursive, or want to refine your skills, join us at Cursive Camp! Cursive Camp writers will spend a week engaged in kinesthetic, multi-sensory exercises and will use the left or right-handed cursive workbook from writing expert, Diana Hanbury King, to learn the fundamentals of the lower case cursive alphabet, beginning with proper pencil grip, paper position, and posture.

Cost: $130/week

College Application Boot Camp

Grade 12 – Rising Seniors | Mornings 9-12 August 5-9

Common App Boot Camp: Rising Seniors…. tackle the Common Application in early August and begin the school year with a large portion of your college application process already done! You will end the week with completed Common Application forms, a properly formatted Activities Resume, and a compelling first draft of your personal statement.

Join Jodi Pink, former Director of College Counseling at The Hewitt School in New York City, and former Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at New York University, to conquer the Common App in just one week! Open to rising seniors only. Students must bring a laptop.

Cost: $500/week