All Friends Academy Summer Programs staff are teachers and/or professionals in their field. Assistant counselors include college students with an interest in education and reliable high school students looking for meaningful community service. All staff have passed CORI, SORI, and fingerprint checks.

Lesley Heyl

Summer Programs Director

Lesley has spent many years as an Outdoor Environmental Educator, Wilderness Guide (Kayak and Canoe instructor) and volunteer trail-crew coordinator in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. With an extensive background in program management, she is looking forward to applying her skills as the new Director of External Programs/Summer Programs here at Friends Academy. She is passionate about environmental stewardship, reduce/reuse/recycle/repurpose principles, farming and local food systems, and helping others enjoy the outdoors! Email Lesley

Colton Almeida

Summer Programs Assistant Director

Colton, a local of the area, has worked at Friends Academy for several years. A former camp counselor, he is currently completing his senior year of college at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, as an English & Communications major. Passionate about sports, travel, and working with children, Colton is excited for his new role as assistant summer programs director.

Staff & Volunteers

  • Pamela Almeida (Little Friends)
  • Abbey Branco (Summer Friends)
  • Michael Britt (Gardening Camp)
  • Maxwell Cabana (Activities Lead)
  • Kate Carpenter (Substitute Instructor)
  • Bruce Cartwright (Camp Counselor)
  • Gail Coble (Summer Friends K-1)
  • Kassidy Cestodio (Activities Lead)
  • Chris Chaput (Farm to Table Camp)
  • Hallie Davis (Little Friends)
  • Mirna Decker (Volunteer):
  • Abigail “Abi” DeRego (Summer Friends K-1, Historical Doll)
  • Emilia DeRego (Summer Friends 2-3, Historical Doll)
  • Jailene Escalera (Camp Counselor)
  • Manu Gottschick-Daskalakis (Camp Counselor)
  • Kayla Garcia (Adventure Friends, Speciality Camps)
  • Brianna Ko (Art Camps)
  • Nicole “Nico” Lester (Summer Friends)
  • Maria Lopes (Little Friends)
  • Xave Markey (Summer Friends 2-3)
  • Lilianna Melo (Volunteer)
  • Sophie McCarthy (Camp Counselor)
  • Coco Medeiros (Volunteer)
  • Putnam Murdock (Drama Workshop)
  • Zoelle Morrisey (Summer Friends)
  • Isis Obolensky (Camp Counselor)
  • Hillary Parker (Drama Workshop)
  • Amy Peckham (Little Friends)
  • Kayla Peckham (Camp Counselor)
  • Alicia Porter (Gardening Camp)
  • Sarah Rosa (Little Friends)
  • Jamie Ross-Cory (Writing Workshop)
  • Mia Shih (Camp Counselor)
  • Michelle Swallow (Science Camps)
  • Amanda Tarantelli (Volleyball)
  • Anisa Tavares (Wizarding World of Wonder Assistant)
  • Marissa Vargas (Little Friends)
  • Ashley Wall (Summer Friends 2-3)
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