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The Grounds

Friends Academy sits upon 65 acres of fields and woodland, bordered in part by the Paskamansett River. We have two full sized soccer/sports fields, and two outdoor basketball courts. These are complemented by other playground fields, a campground field, various playground structures, a marked hiking trail system, and a gaga pit.

The Challenge Course

Friends hosts a 23 Station Ropes and Challenge Course. On our course we have 13 low elements and ten high elements, including a Zip Line, Giant’s Swing, and our newest addition, a Pamper Platform.

Low Elements: The low elements on our course consist of numerous cables, ropes, and obstacles strung between trees. These elements are generally between one to two feet off the ground. Participants must learn to rely on their group members as they develop teamwork, communication, leadership, and planning skills while attempting to complete these elements.

High Elements: Though individual in nature, our high elements are very much a team effort. Together, the group supports the individual climber from the ground. Each person on the ground has a distinct job to perform which helps the climber and the belayer. The high elements begin with a log ladder to ascend to the first element. Subsequent elements progress by height. Climbers are coached through belay changes until the culminating element, the Zip Wire.

The Farmhouse

During the school year our newly renovated farmhouse houses the Early Childhood Program. During the summer, it is the home to the Summer Friends Program and Historical Doll camp. With its large rooms, kitchen, and enclosed playground area, it is perfect for these camps.

The Main Building

The main building houses our classrooms, library, gymnasium and climbing wall, teaching kitchen, wood shop, and much more.

The Garden

The FA Garden is an amazing place on our campus. It’s a small area, literally about 1/12 of an acre, but every year the garden program donates tons (yes tons!!) of produce to area food pantries and soup kitchens. Staffed by teachers and students during the school year and summer months, everybody works toward the common goal of helping those in need. Along the way, students learn about teamwork, bio-dynamic farming techniques, and the value of hard work.

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