Summer 2023 Creative Camps

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  • Full Day Camp (9am-3pm): $345 per week
  • Half Day Camp (Mornings 9am-12pm): $225 per week
  • Hangout Zone (Afternoons 12-3pm after a morning specialty camp): $150 per week

Forest Fun

Grades K-3
June 26-30 (Grades K-2) & July 24-28 (Grades 1-3) | Mornings 9-12 — waitlist week 3

Let’s explore the forest together! Let us go into the woods and find bugs. Let us build forts, and look at plants. Let us explore the water’s edge, and float tiny boats down the river. Let us just be kids, and play in the woods, and have fun. Join us at this freeform camp, and you will do all these things and more. Be your own guide, let the fun take you where it will.

Art and Sculpture

Grades 2-4
June 20-23 | Mornings 9-12

Learn to make a sculpture with the art of lifecasting: a process of making a mold of a body part or an existing object, casting it in plaster or a hardening resin, and then painting it.

Historical Doll Camp

Grades 3-5
July 31-August 4 | Mornings 9-12

Historical Doll summer camp at Friends AcademyExperience living in the past as we explore a different doll’s history each day through cooking, crafting, and singing songs of that time period. This camp is a great way to make friends with others that share the same love of dolls. All dolls are welcome! Come be yourself and learn more about the way life was as a child years ago.

The Wizarding World of Wonder

Grades 3-6
June 20-23 | Mornings 9-12

Wizarding World of Wonder summer camp at Friends AcademyLooking for Platform 9 & 3/4, but can’t find it? Come to the Wizarding World of Wonder, located for one week only, on the Friends Academy campus. Learn mini-lessons in classes similar to those taken by your favorite boy wizard. Create different crafts, and participate in plenty of hands-on activities, including a modified version of Muggle Quidditch. You’ll have more fun if you’ve read the books or seen the movies, but it’s not required.

Farm to Table

Grades 3-7
July 10-14 | Mornings 9-12 — waitlist

Join Chef Chris Chaput for a culinary tour of Dartmouth. Campers will visit local farms and harvest ingredients that they will learn to incorporate into nutritious, delicious snacks and meals. Chef Chris will introduce campers to the abundance and diversity of local produce, and they will explore the endless possibilities that exist when you grow and cook your own food. The week culminates in a camper-created lunch at Eva’s Garden in Dartmouth. Families are invited to bring their camper directly to Eva’s and join us for a garden tour before enjoying the farm-fresh lunch prepared by the campers.

Drama Workshop

Grades 4-8
July 10-14 | Mornings 9-12 — waitlist

From theater games to a staged performance, workshop members will learn to be comfortable acting on stage and creating scenery, props, and costumes. Our efforts will be focused on putting on a 20+ minute production in just a few days! The chosen play will be determined by the number and experience of the participants enrolled. A final performance will be held at 11:00am on Friday, July 14 for the friends and families of participating thespians. Taught by Mr. Murdock and Ms. Parker, a duo that has taught music, theatre, sketch comedy, and improvisation at FA for years.

Mallet Percussion/Xylophone

Grades 5-6
July 24-28 | Mornings 9-12

Designed for players of all skill levels, this camp will focus on aspects of playing such as rhythm, dynamics, arrangement, and beginning improvisation. Campers will explore the instrument through work with covers of popular songs.

Clay Creations

Grades 5-8
July 10-14 | Mornings 9-12

Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty? Dig into clay and watch your ideas take form! Stretch your imagination, practice sculpting techniques, and learn a bit of history as you design and construct earthenware objects to be used or admired. Join longtime Friends Academy art teacher Mrs. Cogliano through the process of firing and glazing this natural material that connects us to our history, each other, and the earth.

Ukulele/Guitar Workshop

Grades 5-8
July 10-21 | Mornings 9-12

Designed for intermediate players, this two-week workshop will focus on aspects of playing such as rhythm, dynamics, arrangement, and beginning improvisation. Campers will explore the instrument through work with covers of popular songs.

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