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A glimpse of our school culture where your child can thrive during the critical formative years

The ways our diverse and integrated curriculum sparks an authentic love for learning 

What student life is like at Friends Academy, including enrichment and extracurricular opportunities for your child

What other parents say about their experience at Friends Academy

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Why Do Families Choose Friends Academy?

We Teach Students How to Learn

Friends Academy students become confident scholars with the skills to learn through inquiry, which contributes to success in high school, college, and beyond!

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Children Love Coming to School Here

Our campus is full of character, with 65 acres of outdoor space to explore. It’s a place where students feel inspired by passionate teachers, like-minded friends, and natural beauty.

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We Provide a Strong Start for a Meaningful Life

We not only nurture students’ academic success, we help them become responsible citizens, community builders, and change makers. New gifts and talents are uncovered daily at Friends Academy.

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“Friends Academy has shown my son the joy of education. He no longer fights me to go to school. He no longer expresses frustration with learning. He is excited to come every day.”

- Friends Academy Parent

1088 Tucker Road • North Dartmouth, MA 02747

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Explore the opportunities for your child at Friends Academy, a private school in North Dartmouth, MA, serving students from early childhood to grade 8.

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