“In this community, everyone is genuinely happy to be here, and equally happy to include others.”

Friends Academy students have the confidence to challenge themselves individually because they know that together they are strong.

We are one community and we see talents, strengths, and friends in everyone. We know all students can contribute something extraordinary to an All School Meeting, to a lively class discussion, to our athletic teams. With open minds and compassionate hearts, students find acceptance where energy is encouraged, diversity is valued, and kindness towards others is essential. As a community, we bring out the best in one another and nurture passions so they can grow into academic breakthroughs, career fields, and life dedications.

The result of an education with Friends? Extraordinary individuals. Human beings who respect others. Leaders who know every voice matters.

Our entire community—faculty, students, parents, siblings, and staff—comes together each Wednesday morning for All School Meeting.

Constellations, groups of kindergarteners through fifth graders, meet throughout the year, and Middle School Literacy Helpers work with second graders once a week.

Meaningful Connections

We reach out and care for one another—beyond our 250-person family and 65-acre campus. Helping students understand their role in the local and global community and how to make a positive impact on the lives of others is one of the greatest, most tangible, and powerful ways to learn. Service, activism, and charity are woven throughout our day and into our curriculum:

  • Friends Academy Garden: With a recent $20,000 grant, this student-managed garden continues to thrive—harvesting more than 5,000 pounds of produce for local food banks.
  • Friday Service Block: Each Friday, Middle School students participate in a service activity. Many choose to go off campus and volunteer at nearby assisted living facilities or the Schwartz Center, a school for students with developmental challenges.
  • The Bread and Roses Project: Our three- and four-year-old Farmhouse students created and organized a unique art exhibit at the Dedee Shattuck Gallery to raise money for a local food pantry.

Students are the driving force in organizing collections for various causes, brainstorming ideas, putting those ideas into action, and connecting those concepts back to their curriculum.

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