“People talk about having ‘grit’ and how it’s an indicator of success—but to foster it, you need a warm, collaborative environment where you’re allowed to make mistakes. This school creates an environment where you can develop stick-to-it-iveness.”

Wide open fields to play in, rain or shine. Wide open stages and mics to perform. Wide open arms for a trusted friend. All around us is space. Space for our students to truly experience learning as part of life and to see their own potential.

Our 65-acre campus gives students the space to flourish, whether they are reading under the large beech tree in the courtyard, exploring knee deep in the marsh, or attaining new heights on the ropes course. Students research weather patterns, study frog and salamander growth in the vernal pool, and develop connections with friends during outdoor recess and athletic practices.

And always our exceptional teachers provide creative space for students to pursue their own ideas and interests. Friends Academy encourages children to keep their eyes open, take everything in, and then run with it.

Pre-K, Lower, and Middle School students all enjoy recess outside and take hikes and cross-country runs on our five kilometers of trails.

A small, pre-K to grade 8 community means every student has the chance to shine.

Finding Their Interests

Our students love to ask questions. And the teachers of Friends Academy love to ask even more questions.

Teachers encourage student-led learning—allowing students to delve into topics that intrigue them most. Our pre-K teachers integrate Reggio Emilia practices to fully explore the art, math, and science of what interests children. Lower and Middle School students have the flexibility to complete projects in ways that accentuate their strengths—producing videos, creating fine art pieces, or coding websites. Independent research is always encouraged. Teachers work one-on-one and in small groups with students—motivating them to seek out and explore the connections that are most meaningful to them.

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