Inside every child is a deep desire to learn. We inspire and nurture this desire — and expect it from every single teacher, student, and staff member — every single day.

Learning at Friends Academy is a shared experience, whether it’s preschoolers developing a class project to fight hunger or seventh graders engaged in a mock summit on global climate change. We empower our students to create their own goals and compile a portfolio to show their progress. They think critically about how to improve academically and succeed when they encounter challenges. Our teachers understand the strengths of each student, and dedicate themselves to developing cross-curricular projects, planning field trips, and implementing innovative strategies that excite young minds.

Because we believe that childhood isn’t for being taught. It’s for asking and discovering.


The mission of Friends Academy is to provide each student with an educational foundation that will instill the academic knowledge, skills, and understanding; responsible citizenship; respect for diversity and differences; and sense of well-­being needed for a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

This mission is based on the beliefs that:
  • Academic knowledge, skills, and understanding include the areas of English, mathematics, natural and social sciences, world languages, and the arts and the skills of reading, reasoning, computing, investigating, writing, speaking, problem ­solving; and creating.
  • Responsible citizenship includes honesty, commitment, and respect for others, the environment, and the community.
  • Respect for diversity and differences involves building a community and creating programs and curriculum that are attentive to issues of learning, race, ethnicity, family configuration, sexual orientation, gender, religion, and economic status.
  • A sense of well­being is nurtured through the development of self­-esteem, self-­confidence, and healthy social interactions.
We believe the goals of this mission are best met by:
  • Achieving academic excellence by challenging students at an appropriate level;
  • Nurturing development within a school community environment;
  • Stimulating curiosity and desire to learn;
  • Offering a wide range of individual and collaborative learning activities;
  • Providing opportunities for service to others; and
  • Working in partnership with parents.

Accomplishing the mission of Friends Academy is the shared responsibility of the whole school community. For that reason Friends expects of all students, teachers, staff, trustees and parents a dedication to academic excellence, a willingness to work energetically and cooperatively toward common goals in all activities, a respect both of themselves and for the individual differences of others, and a determination to reach beyond merely comfortable limits of knowledge and experience.

In a year-long project, third graders explore world cultures through research, poetry, guest speakers, writings, and the arts.

Each child learns differently—and success comes through individualized learning experiences.

The tenacity to solve complex math problems. The ability to write 30-page stories. The confidence to present innovative theories. The desire to explore the world.

We understand the importance of preparing students for long-term academic success. From our youngest Early Childhood grades in the Farmhouse to our Middle School, and from our full range of math, English, science, social studies, and foreign language classes, we design learning experiences that give each student the tools, skills, and passion to build a solid academic foundation.

Start with academic excellence:

See how we balance challenge and support for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences through our flexible, fully integrated Sally Borden Program.

“Having small groups of students, plus our commitment to inquiry-based learning, enables us to challenge students. Even in second grade, children choose a project and we give them the skills and tools to do independent research.”

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