“There are so many creative people here who make a difference in the lives of our children that it would be impossible to list them all.”

We paint, write, play, dance, design—test boundaries. Signs of self-expression fill the day-to-day at Friends Academy. Student artwork hangs in the hallways, heartfelt speeches resound from our podium, and passionate melodies ring out from our piano lab.

Students use 3D printers to produce their own kokeshi dolls, combining technology and discovering Japanese culture in a cohesive assignment. Kindergarteners use an art studio program to represent the letter of the week. Sally Borden Program students apply math skills in a Design Your Life project to create a budget and design scale drawings of an apartment. Whether it’s learning about fashion design or video game programming, creativity is welcome in every subject.

After-school programs range from the arts to robotics to cooking and beekeeping.

Resources include science labs, a piano lab, art studios, and a 450-seat auditorium.

Our faculty is an extremely talented group of people.

They’re musicians, social justice advocates, athletes, and explorers who bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience to their teaching. We look for compassionate, experienced individuals who can devote themselves to stretching students’ minds. They show students firsthand how to take ownership of their creativity and strengthen their resolve. They walk alongside students, coach them from sidelines, guide them through passages—helping students make their own discoveries and broaden their horizons.


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