“Everything I learned, everything that meant anything to me, I learned at Friends Academy.”

Our average class size is 11, and our student-to-teacher ratio is 6:1.

Can a school maintain a rigorous curriculum within an active, exuberant environment?

At Friends, the answer is most definitely “Yes!”

As a pre-K through grade 8 school, Friends Academy provides a supportive and confidence-building environment that solidly prepares students for high school.

Research demonstrates that the pre-K through eighth grade model offers several advantages:

  • Students achieve better academically. Studies show that students obtain higher achievement levels in pre-K–8 schools than in separate middle schools.
  • Our younger students have inspiring role models. Our Constellations program brings different grades together for activities throughout the year.
  • Our middle schoolers aren’t in the middle. As the leaders of the school, they know our younger students are looking up to them—and they rise to the occasion.
  • There are fewer discipline problems. Research shows that children in pre-K–8 schools have fewer behavior problems, higher self-esteem, and better attendance than those in separate schools.
  • Making a major transition to high school prepares students for the later transition to college. They build resiliency as they move out of their comfort zone and adapt to a new environment.
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