Inside every child is a deep desire to learn. Friends Academy inspires and nurtures this desire in every student, teacher, and staff member every day.

A middle school teacher conducts an outdoor science lesson at Friends Academy.Learning at Friends Academy is a shared experience — whether it’s preschoolers developing a class project to fight hunger or seventh graders engaged in a mock summit on global climate change. We empower students to create their own goals and compile a portfolio to show their progress to their families. When they encounter challenges, they think critically about how to improve academically and succeed.

Our teachers understand the strengths of each student, and dedicate themselves to developing cross-curricular projects and implementing innovative teaching strategies that excite young minds. We believe that each child learns differently — and success comes through individualized learning experiences.

We understand the importance of preparing students for long-term academic success. From our Reggio Emilia-inspired Early Childhood Program to our active, project-based Lower School to the leaders of our school in Middle School, we design hands-on learning experiences to develop curious, lifelong learners that have a solid academic foundation for the future. We also support students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences through our fully integrated Sally Borden Program.

“Having small groups of students, plus our commitment to inquiry-based learning, enables us to challenge students. Even in second grade, children choose a project and we give them the skills and tools to do independent research.”


Friends Academy students have the confidence to challenge themselves individually because they know that together, they are strong.

We are one community and we see talents, strengths, and friends in everyone. We know all students can contribute something extraordinary to a class discussion, an All-School Meeting, or our athletic teams. Students at Friends find acceptance because energy is encouraged, diversity is valued, and kindness toward others is expected. As a community, we bring out the best in one another and nurture passions so they can grow into academic breakthroughs, career fields, and life dedications.

We also know we must reach out and care for one another beyond our 250-student community and 65-acre North Dartmouth campus. We help students understand their role in the local and global community and how to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Service, activism, and charity are woven throughout our day and into our curriculum:

  • Each year, students, faculty, staff, and volunteers harvest more than 5,000 pounds of produce from the Friends Academy garden. All produce is donated to local food banks and pantries.
  • Middle School students participate in a regular service period of their choice. Some stay on campus to help with the garden, recycling, or mentoring younger students, while others go off campus with teachers to volunteer with local nonprofits.
  • Students are the driving force in organizing collections for various causes: brainstorming ideas, putting those ideas into action, and connecting those concepts back to their curriculum. For instance, students band together each Thanksgiving to collect food for the United Way of Greater New Bedford Hunger Heroes Project.

The result of an education with Friends? Extraordinary individuals. Human beings who respect others. Leaders who know every voice matters.

“People talk about having ‘grit’ and how it’s an indicator of success — but to foster it, you need a warm, collaborative environment where you’re allowed to make mistakes. This school creates an environment where you can develop stick-to-it-iveness.”

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