Encompass Community For Independent Learning

Curious? …We AreToo!

Our Mission:

The Encompass Community is a partially grant-funded initiative of the Center for Education Innovation and a partnership w/ Friends Academy. Our goal is to provide experiential offerings and FREE/affordable resources to support homeschool families and life-long learners of all ages. We aim to build a hub of information centered upon curiosity, generated by and for Independent Learners.

Why Here? Why Now?

The Encompass Community at FA is housed under the existing Center For Education Innovation. With its overlap of progressive ideals and philosophical values, our program serves as a bridge between the Homeschool Community and the community at large on the South Coast….

FA and Homeschool families believe in alternative avenues of education:

FA is an accredited member of both The National Association of Independent Schools and the The Association of Independent Schools of New England. We are also endorsed by the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance.

FA and Homeschool families embrace Multiple Intelligences:

They value individual attention, self direction and project based modalities of learning. We learn through play in the Arts and Sciences.

FA and Homeschool families are civic-minded:

Both make time for service-learning and feel that giving back to society not only serves others, but also builds character and self esteem.

FA and Homeschool families respect diversity:

Both groups are inspired by personal experience, appreciate cultures outside their own and know that every person has a unique story to tell.

FA and Homeschool families are Nature-minded:

Both believe in working to sustain the planet through conservation efforts, are nurtured through earthly pursuits and seek experiences that link the inner and outer worlds.

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