Each of our Lower School teachers share their classroom activities on their individual classroom websites. These websites are wonderful way for families to stay informed about upcoming events and get a peek at your child’s work.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood


Mrs. Bullard

1st Grade

Mrs. Farias
Mrs. Vallone

2nd Grade

Mrs. Martin

3rd Grade

Mrs. Gangi
Mrs. Tavares (SBP)

4th Grade

Ms. Conlon
Ms. Pindell
Ms. Lawless (SBP)

5th Grade

Mrs. Hibbert-Kapler
Mr. O’Driscoll
Ms. Randenberg (SBP)


Art: Mrs. Cogliano
Middle School Art: Mrs. Goldsmith
Music: Mr. Bean
Drama/Music: Mr. Murdock
Physical Education: Ms. Furtado
Library: Mrs. McCullough
Tech: Mr. Felix
Science: Ms. Swallow