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The Sally Borden Program at Friends Academy

The Sally Borden Program understands that each child’s educational needs are unique. Teachers have, therefore, training in a variety of programs so that they have the ability to teach their students based on where they are on their educational continuum. Schools Attuned, Orton-Gillingham, and Project Read are a few of the programs that will support and bolster student needs.

Students with language-based learning differences often are able to visualize in three-dimensional pictures, making them intuitive with technologies. Students will participate and collaborate in a global community through online consortiums with other students, to create products that have been thoroughly revised, to help students to organize and evaluate information, to increase and strengthen the students’ means of expression, and to extend understanding by making concepts visible.

By using technologies and exploring the online world, students’ motivation to read, write, organize, spell, and succeed with mathematics is amplified. They have a vested interest not only in their own education but in the global community as well. The power of these experiences catalyzes the learning environment because students’ involvement is so meaningful.

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