A language-based learning difference refers to a difficulty with specific language skills. These differences may include difficulty with reading, spelling, and written expression, math, organization of written and spoken language, and/or study skills. As students with the language-based learning difference progress through school, they experience difficulty with understanding textbook material, writing essays, using/understanding grammar and other complex language skills. The student can be said to have dyslexia, a label describing language-based learning differences. Although theses students often have solid cognitive abilities, they begin to fall behind their peers in school.

Diversity is embraced at Friends Academy. Your child, if accepted, will become part of a community of students whose learning style and ability is respected and supported. When recess is in session, we challenge anyone to pick out the Sally Borden Program students and Friends Academy’s students. You can’t!

The Sally Borden Program is for students with average to above average cognitive abilities with language-based learning differences. It is not designed for children with disruptive behavior, impulse control, personality or psychotic disorders. We look for bright, capable students who need to have specialized instruction for language acquisition.

Academic reinforcement for all area children is offered every summer through the Sally Borden Summer Programs. Courses in Orton-Gillingham, creative writing, solving organizational issues, and math are available to students, as are training programs for parents and educators. Finally, beginning in 2008, a monthly support group—free and open to the public—is sponsored by the School.

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